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This website has now closed and is being kept for historical purposes only

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Austrian Patent Office logo

Austrian Patent Office

P.O.B 95
Dresdner Str. 87
A-1200 Wien

Telephone: (43 1) 53 42 40
Fax: (43 1) 53 42 45 20
E-mail: info@patentamt.at

Website: www.patentamt.at

The Patent Office is home to over 200 experts, most of them technical specialists and legal experts, who are dedicated to the securing and protection of entrepreneurial interests. They investigate every individual case, applying the most stringent quality criteria, to make sure that your products really are provided with the best possible protection.

Innovation is the driving force behind every financial system, and the foundation for commercial success. The protection of innovations is the task of the Austrian Patent Office, because it goes without saying that successful concepts and technical developments simply invite imitation. We offer an effective defence against this, by providing temporary protective rights which have the nature of a monopoly in terms of protection.

It is true that the central form of protection is the patent, but the business world also requires other forms of safeguarding new developments. In line with this, we also enable utility models and protection certificates to be applied for in Austria, as well as providing the protection of trademarks and designs.


"Outsourcing" has become a buzzword in modern economic circles, and not without reason. Certain services can indeed be handled better by outside specialist companies.

serv.ip (www.servip.at) at the Austrian Patent Office is one such high-performance service centre; we are the specialists when it comes to commercial legal protection. But this is not only the case when someone seeks to patent inventions which have already been made, or tries to protect trademarks which have already been developed. To guarantee the success of your company, we have a comprehensive range of services ready for you, and right at the start of your research activity too. This means that you can be provided with the latest state of research worldwide at the earliest possible point in time, and that saves you time, as well as a great deal of money.

Cetmos - Your Gateway to CEE

In the past, it was extremely costly for companies to gain an overview of the legal situation regarding trademarks in Central and Eastern European countries. This complex situation also had negative economic impacts on the companies: So far about one fifth of all registered European trademarks have been cancelled again because opposition was filed against them in an EU Member State on the grounds of similarity, for example.

However, since 2007 these problems have been solved. Together with the Hungarian Patent Office, we have developed a new trademark search tool: CETMOS (Central European Trade Mark Observation Service).

Using a simple form on the Internet platform www.cetmos.eu, you can start ONE search in nine countries (Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia) at a mouse-click.

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